Jozy was born in the famous summer of ’69. It's the story of a musical loner who mostly played guitar en percussion.
Rock music is a genre that normally is created by interaction with other musicians. Yet Jozy decided after a key moment in his life, in December 2010, to start playing several instruments simultaneously. At that moment, his One Man Band was born. The idea is certainly not new, but the personal touch he gives to the concept remains unique and innovative. The project is technically on point. Jozy has created a self-designed drum kit (8 footpedals) so that he can sing, play the drums and the guitar all by himself at the same time!

Jozy brings solid rock but still melodic enough to touch the feelings of his audience. His major influences range from Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, Cream to Pearl Jam, RHCP, Muse, Foo Fighters, Noir Désir, Royal Blood, The Inspector Cluzo, Triggerfinger,...

The Jozy-rehearsal room is not a conventional one. He has modified his van into a fully equipped rolling rehearsal space. That means he can rehearse and play live at any time and almost everywhere.

On the road, find a great place and let’s play!

One rockband, a few instruments but only one guy,…